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The Thursday Persplats

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                          Jan 7 2015                                                                          Minecraft Club 


     Minecraft Club was a disaster! I didn't even get to play much because the computer was lagging. I tried to restart the computer multiple times {3 times}. When I was restarting my computer I saw my friends playing and I have to admit I was jelly. Minecraft is one of my favourite games and I couldn't even play on it. The weird thing is that it happened 3 times. I didn't know if the computer had some problems or my account is the problem. Over all it was fun while it lasted. All i can say is "Better Luck Next Time!"{And also to use another computer} 


                  Feb 6 2015 


     Minecraft Club was really fun! I finally got to play since what happened two weeks ago. Me and Dersplat got to make a house together it was made out of cobble stone and wood. We are going to replace cobble stone with wool. It was still a little laggy but it's better than not playing at all. I just wished that Ms.Mali was not so busy on thursdays. Minecraft is my favourite game and i finally got to play with my friends.I just wish we can play again.




              Feb 10 2015

     Me and Dersplat were trying to find our house. We couldn't find the house. We tried finding a new place to build our house but there was nothing we liked so far. Ms.mali were also talking to another school and she was going to call some people to talk to them. Something else happened too. The people that were playing in the PVP area were spawning lava and mobs. That was a disaster! Good thing i wasn't there. When Minecraft club almost ended me and Dersplat found a new house but we had to go.



           Feb 12 2015

    Today Dersplat and I were making a world together and it was so fun. We went to the end and started killing ender men. We had a crash in the server and it made my computer froze. After that we couldn't go on the server so Dersplat made a server. We were playing in survival mode and I found a village. Dersplat and I spawned a wither in the world. We both had a blast. After we killed the wither we wanted to spawn another wither but it was time to go. Also when I first logged in I went to play in the PVP zone with my friends. Today was the most adventure I've had since last Thursday. I hope it will still be like that next Thursday. 


          feb 19 2015

     Minecraft club was cool. I killed the wither 5 times and got 5 nether stars. I went to the TNT world and spawned the wither there. Hannah didn't get to play much. I let her play on my account a little bit. Her computer was acting up so she didn't get to play. All I did on february 19th was spawning the wither. That was it.


     Feb 26 2015

     Today was crazy! We went to the pvp area and it was weird. We started off with dersplat,artagrim and I. Artagrim was in the blue team and dersplat and I went to the red team. We tried killing him so many times but i feel like he has like this secret power but there was non. Oh Yeah right..... WE GOT ARTAGRIM BACK!!!! Ms.Mali sent an email to Mojang and gave back the account or password. The hacker the had Artagrim was very tricky and they even changed the skin. After dersplat and I were trying to kill artagrim Ms.Mali join because she knows how henry/artagrim is very powerful for some reason. After the round was over aka score: 10/10= blue and 1/10=red ..... we went fishing and it was so fun. We were trying to keep the score of how many fishes we got and how many weird things we got. I got 10salmon ... 9raw fishes ... 1 leather.

Hopefully next year I will be in minecraft club again and hopefully it would be as much fun as last year! =)



June 9, 2015

Today is my first Minecraft Club. so i'm so happy. i saw xXcheesinatorXx killed Rhythigrims. And then i saw xXcheesinatorXx killed other people. Next time i will be killed xXcheesinatorXx. 




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