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The Tuesday Rhythigrims

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     November 4, 2014


     Today i was playing Minecarft PC it is the first time i play PC now i played all the types of Minecraft except Minecraft Xbox 1 and i was in serviaval world. It was so good and fun that i found a cave in my world i got some coal and i tried to find some iron but there where no iron in the cave. I even got started making a house in my new world. I was playing in a single player world and i was in peaceful mode and i found staind clay and i used it to build my house. Today is the best day of my life oh and i forgot to say that Kevin o yang helped me do some mining and i love Minecraft because it is the best game i evered played in my whole life! I do like to play other games like prodigy and Roblox and Pokemon and Lego but i like Minecraft the most because it is the funest game i've played and i even like to build because in my Xbox world i build a hotel made out of nether rack ,wood,bricks,qurites and last but not least pillars i even builed a hot tub in my house and it is made out of iron blocks and i like to build and go mining because when i go mining i can find diamonds and use it to make armor and weapons and even hoes to plant food so my health bar can refill its self and to refill your health you have to have full hunger so food is very important and if your hunger bar is empty you will lose health and have 4 hearts left and if you have 0 hearts left you will die and on your screan it will have 2 operations #1 is respawn and #2 is quit game but if i were you i would chose respawn because you can keep playing and i love to play games but make sure you are on peaceful mode because creepers and zombies and skeletons and silver fish will kill you so be careful about what you chose to be on!Don't forget to spawn the wither because when you kill the wither it will drop a nether star that  you can use for a beacon and to make a beacon you will need 1 nether star 3 obsidian and 5 glass and that will give you a beacon and you can use the beacon for regaining heath,speed,resistance,haste,jump boost and last but not least strength but you will need iron,gold,emeralds and diamonds to activate it so you better get mining so you can find those ores and remember finding diamonds and emeralds are hard to find so find a cave that is what i did and it worked i found some iron and coal to but i am still looking for diamonds and emeralds so i can get diamond stuff and i already traded a villager 18 wheat for 1 emerald and i have 6 emeralds now and i used 1 emerald for apples so when i find gold i can make golden apples an't it great because golden apples will give you buffs like fire resistence and regening and more health so better find gold so you can make golden apples!



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                                                                                                                                                                                Now it is pitcher time!


                                                                                                                                                                           diamond_helmet.png (150×150)

                                                                                                                                                                        diamond_chestplate.png (150×150)

                                                                                                                                                                       1792911.gif (225×225)       

                                                                                                                                                                          diamond_boots.png (150×150) 

              November 11,2014


     Today i logged on the computer and i played on the new sever Ms.Mallisheski she add and it was multy players.So when i joined the game i joined the game we got some time to be in creative mode.So i bulied a house but it was small so i disided to live with the rest of the group so i went out and i killed some sheep and i went mining and found some coal so i mined 1 piece then Sociagrims  took it so i mined the other piece and i hitted Sociagrim because he was in my way but i stilled picked it up so i went back to there home and i cooked some chicken with it because i was hungry and sooner i got more hungry and i asked someone if they can give me some food and they gave me cooked chicken so i ate it and my health started to regen oh and i forgot to tell you that when we joined i picked up someones stuff and then i used the pickaxe that i picked up and i used it to mine my diamond blocks that i used to make diamond armor for people and i even got enoth wool and wood to make 3 bed but i made 2 instead because my inventory was full so i placed down the 2 beds oh and some time befor i made the beds  i saw a creeper outside so i decided to run to it and kill it but it exploded and Ms.Mallisheski thouth i was going to die but i was wereing diamond armor and my diamond cheast plate was enchanted so i did not die and Ms.Mallisheski was so scared that i would die but i din't so next time i am think of buliding my own house made out of diamond blocks so people will think i am rich oh and today is my best day ever because i got a lot diamonds so i am rich and i really love diamonds because diamond armor fills your whole armor bar so you won't be easy to get killed!So next time when i play i'm going to stay outside in the dark to fight mobs to keep the house safe from zombies and creepers because zombies can break wooden doors and creepers can explode iron doors but the skeleton just follows the rest and shoots arrows at people and to turn a zombie villager to a villager you need a golden apple and a splash potion of weakness!

Next time i play Minecraft i will be ready to battle mobs and stay up all night so zombies can't break the door so we will be safe from the monsters outside like a zombie and a creeper and a skeleton because they can kill you like a skeleton uses a bow and creepers blow up and zombies just hit you with there hands so it won't do that much damage.It might do 0.5 damage but if i am wrong then don't blam me because i never got hert by a zombie so i don't know it ok people because i don't know but i know how much a creeper does if you are wereing full diamond armor it does 2 hearts and i think a skeleton's arrow does 1 heart if you are wereing full diamond armor!Diamond armor will protect you from everything but not lava because lava will burn you to death and the side will say your guys name and then you tried to swim in lava and if you die in lava you will lose all your stuff that is in your inventory like for example if you have 5 diamonds your diamonds will disaper because the lava will burn it up and you can't get it back so be careful because it happend to me in xbox when i was tring to get the 2nd bucket of lava and then i fell in the lava and good thing it did not save the game then because if it saved then i would have lose all my iron and iron pickake that i am going to use for mining obsidian and good thing i wasen't wereing my iron armor because it is the only armor i have and i left the armor in my chest at home because i would of lose it if i broth it with me because it would of fall in the lava but good thing i was smart and did not bring it with me or i would of lost it for ever and not see it again and i won't be able to servive the mobs that will come and attack me and my house is safe but the zombies can break wooden doors so they can come in my house and kill me and if they kill me with my armor on my armor will drop to the ground and they will pick it up and they will have more defence then me only fighting with my hands and he will hit me with whatever he is holding!But i wish that there was horse in Minecraft Xbox 360 but there is none but there are saddles so you can ride on a pig but that would be boring because pigs are very slow and i would rather ride a horse then a pig because pigs are slow and horses are fast and you can even feed the horse carrots and weat or if ms.mally got the wither bike mod i will make a wither bike and ride the wither and shoot wither skulls by using a bow and arrow and for the wither bike to shoot wither skulls you have to use a bow and arrow and shoot the arrow and then the wither's wither skull will follow your arrow and it will even give the wither effect on who you ame it at and to make it you need a saddle in the middle and surrounded it with wither skulls so you will have to go to the nether and fight some wither skeletons then it might rarly drop the wither skull but it will only drop 1 wither skull so you will have to kill 8 withe skeletons to get enough heads to make the wither bike so you can troll you friends that your wither bike is the real wither but the wither bike only have 15 health and you can dye it every colour exept for light blue and if you dye it white and it will look like the real wither from Minecraft so you can troll them to think it is the real wither but it will not show the wither boss bar so they might think it is a morth but it is really a bike and if you make the flower bike it is very slow so i would not make it because i want to be fast and win every race in Minecraft so ya i would rather chose the wither bike because it is way faster then a flower bike and next time i'm going mining for gold because i want golden apples and i am going to make 1 golden apple for everyone so it will be even and there is 7 people so that means i need 56 gold and 7 apples to make 7 golden apples to share then everyone can have cool buffs because golden apples can even give you more hearts so you can be more powerful and you can have haste so you can mine faster so you won't be bored and finish mining faster so you have enough time to do the other stuff you want to do like build a house with diffrent types of blocks but mostly diamond blocks because i am making a diamond and gold and iron house so it is going to be XD and powerful and i will let people live with me if they don't steel my stuff and if they do steel my stuff they have to go mining for me and get me gold 50 stacks of gold then they can go and play with the other people so be careful if you live with me because if you steel my stuff you are going to get pay back and you will have no treat and the treat is a golden apple so you can be better at fighting and won't be easy to die so better not steel my stuff!


                                                                                                                 Minecraft books!


                                                                                                                                                   minecraft5bks.jpg (2168×1903) 




November 19,2014


     Today i played Minecraft at lunch time because we changed it because Ms.Mally had no time after school so we did it today.Ms.Mally even let us eat lunch in the library then we played Minecraft and i builed a new house and it is a diamond house.There is a basement down the ladder and me Calcagrims and Sociagrims are going to live there.We are going to make our own rooms mine is going to be made out of diamond blocks and Sociagrims is going to be made out of emeralds and Calcagrims is going to be made out of iron so we will have custom rooms!When we are done building it will look awesome and then we can start sleeping n our rooms and we will dream of us all rich throwing diamonds and emeralds and iron everywhere then when we wake up we will talk to each other and talk about what we were dreaming about then we are going to go on a adventure and go mining and get some gold even tho i already got enchanted golden apples i'm still going to find gold and red stone then we can make a map and we already got iron.We got a lot of iron blocks because Calcagrims went to creative mode and got 3 stacks of iron blocks to make the house.When people see our house they are going to think we are rich and want to live with us and there is only going to be 1 more room and it is our storage room so we can clean up our inventory because i have a lot of cobblestone from mining out the basement!When we are done building i am going to get my chests back so no one can steel it and if you do i'm going to be ANGRY and you will not get a PRESENT you will only get a peace of ROTTEN FLESH instead of a golden apple and ROTTEN FLESH taste bad!ROTTEN FLESH will make your hunger go down even raw stuff like raw chicken!I at raw chicken then i got hungry for 18 mins.We were in creative mode but i went in servival mode so it will be more challenging Because i don't like it to be easy!I like it to be challenging and then i will have more levels to use to enchant stuff like my diamond sword so it will be easier to kill stuff like zombies,creepers,skeletons and last but not least spiders that won't kill you in the morning only at the night.But at the morning if you hit it it will attack you until you die and you will lose all your stuff and that happened to me in Minecraft Xbox 360 version and how that happened was i fell in lava and burned to death then i respawn in my house and good thing it did not save the game because if it did save then i would lose all my stuff forever like my iron and my iron pickake and all my pickakes that i brouth with me to mine the cobblestone!



     November 25,2014


 Today i played Minecraft and i play the game i couldn't play for the last times.I played it and it was so boring and i told Ms.Mally that i would rather play the lan server because it is more funner because i get to watch after the base and protect the new house i builded and finish building our rooms and the storage room too!I even went to the pvp arena and i died 3 times and i was with Calcagrims in the blue team.It was fun playing the server but lan is better because we can be in creative for 5 mins and the rest of the time is servival!Today i even killed the wither by myself for a while then Ms.Mally came in and helped me kill it.When we were done killing it i made a beacon and gave us speed.I was thinking of giving us strangth but i chose speed instead!When i was playing single player i put on cheats and bounes chest!When it was almost time to leave i played some single player for the rest of the time then we went home.It was the best day ever.It was so so bad because we din't get to play lan and Ms.Mally said it would be half the time lan and half the time the one i din't play along time ago!And i write a lot just look above and you will see how much i wrote!You are going to be surprised when you see my work!It is so cool to play Minecraft.I love being in Minecraft club. Minecraft is so fun that i played all of the versions!The versions are PE,PC and last but not least Xbox 360 but not Xbox 1 because my friend didn't buy it!To play Minecraft Xbox 1 you need the disc to be saying Minecraft Xbox 1!Oh and i forgot to say that today is backwards day so were stuff backwards!Today is the best day ever because finaly i get to play the server that i didn't play for the week befor so we played lan!The server lan is better then the server i played to day because we can do a lot of cool stuff and i alwas forget to get an armor stand so i could put my armor on it and it will be an display so people can see and do it them self and get paid with diamonds,emeralds,gold,iron,coal and maby wood for making stuff like a crafting table or sticks or even wepons and last but not least chest for storage if your inventory is full us the chest!Or if you have a chest and you found diamonds on top of lava put down the chest and put all your stuff in it then just take your pickake out and jump in the lava and mine the diamonds or just put on keep inventory and fall in the lava and mine it so you won't lose all your stuff!BUT REMEMBER THE NUMBER 1 RULE IN MINECRAFT IS NEVER EVER MINE STRATE DOWN!Never mine strate down or you will fall in lava and turn to herobrine like brian did!You will have to follow the Minecraft rules people so you don't die!So be safe when you play Minecraft!Remember the rule i thouth you because you will die from falling into lava!Make sure to be safe!And make a house befor going in the dark!Remember to make a bed too so you can skip past the days when it is night time outside!When it is morning then go out because all the mobs are burning exept for the creeper and the spider!The creeper will attak you but the spider is pasive!Pasive means peaceful or maby peaceful!If you hit a spider in the morning it will turn hostile but if you don't hit it it will be peaceful and won't attack!So be careful when you play Minecraft!But i even downloaded Minecraft on my computer but i don't have a passward or a username!I don't even know how to buy a passward and username because i don't know where the store to buy it is?I think you buy the username and passward for Minecraft at rogers maby because i don't know?But i really think it is at rogers but i'm not sure but surely it is from rogers?



          December 2,2014


     Today i played Minecraft and i was sad because the lan server was gone so we had to play the one i played last week.I was even sader because after 2 more week is the last week of Minecraft club becuase of PA day!I don't like PA days now because we will miss Minecraft club for the rest of the month!Today is the sadest day of my life.I can't belive that Ms.Mally lost the lan server and that after 2 weeks there is no more Minecraft club.And i might write less then i uset to because i am sad.i am sad today because of the bad news like almost no Minecraft club and the lan server was cancled. Ms.mally tried to find it but she couldn't find it!So i was sad that we din't get to play lan and Ms.mally even promised us we would play lan today!Today was the worst day ever because of the sadness about the game!But i had a little fun by playing Minecraft.Today i becomed the creeper king in the TNT world and spawned in a lot of creepers and made a fortress too! tried to make thediamondminecart come alive but i needed someone to go in his trading place then i could name him!But i don't know how to make danTDM come alive.I'm thinking of making danTDM look like a villiger or maby a pitcher odd eh and the pitcher is going to be a wither pitcher cool.I chose the wither because he is awsome and he shoots his heads at you and explodes and drops a nether star that is used to make a beacon!I‘m even going to make a rainbow becon to make the world cool looking and i will put a lot of gold blocks at the end of the rainbow and if somone finds it they will be rich and maby some diamonds and emeralds and iron at the end of the rainbow too with all of the colours but mostly blue because blue is my faviroute colour ever because blue is the colours of diamonds and i love diamonds because of the butiful light blue colour.The diamonds are really shiniy!Shiniy like emeralds!I was thinking of writing less but i  won't because i feel more better about the Minecraft almost done.I hope Ms.Mally gives us the passward so we could play at home because it is the end of Minecraft club and other people get to play now and i will be sad because next year i might not be in Minecraft club and then i will have to wait along time to play Minecraft again and it will be the sadest day ever then!Hopefully i will get a Minecraft acount soon and my guys name wil be Mancaman and Mancaman is my roblox guys name so i will have to same names in games!I even told my parents that if i don't finsh this i won't get to play Minecraft and if i don't get to play Minecraft i will be sad!But i can still play Mine blocks it is a game and you could play it for free!I will post the website to Mine blocks down where it say Mine blocks!Hint:scroll down.I hope Ms.Mally will give us the passwards at the end of school day then i would be happy!Because we would get to play at home too!And hopefully ms.mally does the same thing to the rest of the Minecraft club people so the Minecraft club people will all be happy and we can build anything we wanted!Like a TNT cannon or a hotel or other stuff!So i hope ms.mally gives us the passwards so we could play at home and be happy and we will promise not to kill people because ms.mally said no killing people because it is mean and ms.mally even said no trolling people too so we will promise not to do does things and we will even make our own worlds in single player and maby 1 world in multy player only if it will work because it didn't work for me now.So if it works we will make awsome stuff!And if ms.mally doesen't give us the passwards then i will just play Mine blocks because i have diamonds and gold and topaz that i don't know what do you do with topaz but maby it is rare so i putter it in my rare chest.I even have a lot of iron and i am still going mining to get more gold so i can make a golden apple tree and to make a golden apple seed you will need 1 golden apple in a crafting bench and it will give you a golden apple seed do you can get more golden apples from it so you can be more safe and get more health and be powerfuller.So you can 1 hit kill something like a enderman and a zombie and a skeleton and a spider and maby wolfs because if you hit a wolf it will attack you even if the wolf is someone else it might attack you and you will lose all your stuff!And you can make traped chest to troll your friends and put TNT behind the traped chest because the traped chest will activate the TNT and your friends will blow up and you can steel there stuff like if they where rich and have a lot of diamonds and emeralds and maby some iron and gold and lucky blocks with lucky 100+ so you would get op stuff like a lucky sword that could be gold or diamond and next time i'm going to make a minygame that is called butter attack so people will all get butter that is gold with the enchantment sharpness IV and knok back IV too and they wil have to kill people and shot them far away and make them fall out of the world and they will have to turn to gamemode 3 and spectat and see the other people play but i tried it and it didn't work wired right!


     December 9,2014


                                                                                                                                 No Minecraft Club!


                                                                                                                                                                    Worst day ever!






Last day of Minecraft club lol?


                                                                                                                                                           WORST DAY EVER!


But we still got to play but i had to build the library so it was boring that i was just building the library i would of gone to the pvp arena but i thouth i would die a lot so i just builed the library i was bored now i'm even boreder because i have no Minecraft on my ipad so i'm sad and Ms.Mally did not tell us the acounts so i'm even sader and i'm even sader that it is end of school!So see you guys because i am never going to go back here on this website again because minecraft club is over see ya bye bye sad day = worst day ever = :( = sad :(


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           love:Jason Y


bye bye see you next time at the Minecraft club station from clash of clans and Minecraft thank you very much for your appreciation here at Mr.thediamondminecart's youtube channel now see you next time bye!And remember to say hi to youtube!AND DON'T FORGET TO GIVE SOME LIKES TO CLASH OF CLANS THAT IS NOW MY FAVORITE GAME NI THE WORLD AND I MIGHT LIKE OTHER GAMES BUT I WILL LIKE CLASH OF CLANS WAY BETTER THEN ANY OTHER GAMES IN THE WORLD AND I DON'T REALLY LIKE MINECRAFT NOW BECAUSE MINECRAFT IS BORING AND CLASH OF CLANS IS WAY FUNNER THEN MINECRAFT!Now see you next time on Mr.thediamondminecarts channel so see ya latter bye bye now!And remember to subscribe my channel now see ya latter bye bye and tell mojang CLASH OF CLANS is better now bye!                                                                              

                                                                                                                   Mine blocks




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Jan 6 2015


Today we students from Agnes Macphail on minecraft club for the first.[Except me] We gone to the survival world and well basicaly tried to survive I died because it was night time at the moment and got a bow from a skelie. Later we all gone to the war dome to have some pvp going on and then everybody quit like 2 minutes later.After that I wanted to enchant my stuff but I had to go farther to use my anvil.After that I gone to the end with everybody else and did some random things.


Jan 13 2015


Today at minecraft club we gone our seperate ways and did whatever we want for most of the time.When I spawned I got hit by somebody and was at one heart so I gone to find food.After finding fersplat we were being a team in survival we made a little cave house and camped for the night.After the night I gone to explore and toed to fersplat when he found to a cave.When we explored the first part of the cave and then found a deep hole.Then we found a lava pond and got iron stuff and quit. 


jan 20,2015

Today at minecraft club I did survival for the session and got killed a lot of times.I gone looking for animals and caves to search for most of the time for my sake.I gone and found some mobs to murder but the skeleltons were really annoying to kill.After everything I did at night I gone to my cave house to plant some seeds for wheat.Later Dersplat came around to help me with my situation of seeds and bonemeal and then he gave me diamond armour and some ender pearls.That is all I did.



Jan 27 2015

What I did today is that we all gone to survival for the time and tried to find fersplats and my house for a bit of time.Then I gone to play in the pvp arena for some fun and I kick Dersplats and Wersplats butt hardcore style.I kinda died a few times trying but worth it.After playing pvp I gone back and gone to my house to make a snow golem and then Wersplat killed it.When I finished the snow golems I gone in and then got murdered by Wersplat because he was mad I kilt him many times in pvp.A few cheating parts like USUAL.



Feb 3 2015

Today we all did some awesome stuff and got together for a adventure.First we gone to the pvp arena and it was lagging a lot so I gone to survival.When I got there I was moving out to a new home somewhere else.I had many fight nights for most of the session.We found a 2 temples and a village and got some good loot.I also found a dersert of the undead and then did the wiki.Last of all Fersplat got 3 smite swords lol.


Feb 10 2015

At minecraft club we all did a mining trip in a mine shaft and found some ores and some loot in chests.Then me and Dersplat got in a argument and I killed him a few times and he killed me a few times with a golden apple boost.Then we settled it in a pvp game and I won so I went back to survival world and kept mining and Dersplat killed me for some revenge.Later we apologized for being mean and kept mining.After that me and  Dersplat decided to make a nether portal to the nether.We found some lava and I had the water bucket and mined the obsidian.When we tried to build the portal we screwed up the portal and it was time to go.That's that for that session.


Feb 17 2015

At minecraft club we went to make a  nether portal but it didn't work in the end.Then we all decided to do something for our fun.I went searching for my old furnace.Thats when I found a new part of the mineshaft and exploerd to find some more gold.I didn't find it but I gone and found a cave on my way home and tried to explore it but there were a lot of mobs.After fighting the mobs off I found some iron and It was short lived.That was all we did.


Feb 24 2015

The last day of mine craft club!there was only 3 of us and we had a mad party! It started with us looking with each other.We all met up at the pvp arena and I had to fight 2 on 1 and it was ended with us going to the survival world.We seached around for adventure but ended up getting lost  and had to dig up to the surface.Then we got lost again and I had to make a temp home for the night.In the desert I found a diamond armour horse and went to victory!Then I ended with a ender balling to a tree and my charcter had adventure forever.Farewell wiki!


May 26 2015

Today was my first day in Minecraft Club. I teamed up with Calcagrim in the blue team and versed Cheesinator in PvP but we failed. Then Calcagrim spawned some witches in the arena and got jailed. After I went to Cheesinator's roller coaster and rode on it. Then we started to build a new one inspired by "Jack and the Beanstalk."


June 9, 2015

First I spectated a PVP match between xXcheesinatorXx vs Pondergrim. He then challenged me to a match so I agreed. I had enchanted diamond gear, strength and speed pots and a notch apple. After that we took the battle to the PVP zone and we fought cheese 5v1. We lost 9 to nothing.




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You should love the game Minecraft!

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at 7:02 pm on Nov 4, 2014

I know. I barley even know how to play, so if you have a question please DO NOT ASK ME. Thanks people ;).
~The Tuesday ponder grim from AMPS

TuesNovDec3 said

at 6:17 pm on Nov 8, 2014

nice picture.

TuesNovDec5 said

at 10:52 am on Nov 9, 2014

Whoooooooaaaaa. Last time I checked, you had a little paragraph. That just scared me!
~the Tuesday pondergrim from AMPS

TuesNovDec7 said

at 6:13 pm on Nov 11, 2014

lol guys next time who wants to live with me in my diamond house i'm going to make?

TuesNovDec1 said

at 6:24 pm on Nov 11, 2014

you have a lot of information

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bye bye i'm going to watch youtube now

TuesNovDec3 said

at 5:33 pm on Nov 15, 2014

OH! can i live in your diamond house?

TuesNovDec7 said

at 6:38 pm on Nov 17, 2014


TuesNovDec7 said

at 6:04 pm on Nov 17, 2014


TuesNovDec5 said

at 8:01 pm on Nov 17, 2014

Whoa, Rythigrim, THIS IS AWESOMELY AMAZING OH MY GOSH I AM SPEECHLESS. 😃👍✔️. I give you a 💯out of 💯 ❗️❕

TuesNovDec5 said

at 8:03 pm on Nov 17, 2014

Okay that so one loooooonnnggg sentence you've got there. But still!! This is AMAZING (I know I've already said that but WOW!!)!!

TuesNovDec5 said

at 8:16 pm on Nov 17, 2014

Whoa. I was scrolling up and then i saw the diamond armour pants glowing. I was like, is that me or did it do it by itself??
Turns out it was doing it by itself.😅

TuesNovDec7 said

at 7:40 pm on Nov 18, 2014


TuesNovDec7 said

at 7:41 pm on Nov 18, 2014


TuesNovDec7 said

at 7:42 pm on Nov 18, 2014

Want to live in my diamond house TuesNovDec5?

TuesNovDec7 said

at 5:59 pm on Nov 19, 2014

you have 2 options

#1 yes

#2 no

chose 1!

TuesNovDec5 said

at 8:26 pm on Nov 19, 2014

Are you telling me to choose number one or choose one of them?? And Oh my gosh this is even more amazing!!!!!!!!!!

TuesNovDec7 said

at 7:38 pm on Nov 20, 2014

Number 1

TuesNovDec7 said

at 7:42 pm on Nov 20, 2014

pls chose #1!pls!

TuesNovDec7 said

at 9:42 pm on Nov 27, 2014

don't forget to cheak out the tradding stasion!

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