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The Tuesday Calcagrims

Page history last edited by TuesMayJun2 9 years, 1 month ago

November 4, 2014


 Well i played Minecraft on Xbox before but I'm not an expert. Today I went to a random spawn and well i explored. Then i typed /spawn and i was teleported to the spawn. I went to the agnes macphail portal and i was on creative. So i got out of the Agnes Macphail portal and went in the survival portal. It was crazy with mobs so i went into the agnes macphail portal again and decided i want to get a dragon. D.M said to do it in tnt world. I went and looked in the creative space. Oh No! there's no dragon egg! I need to get to the end, any one with me? The girls wanted to be on creative and the boys couldn't get on the server. Oh well guess i won't go to the end then. Oh i know an idea! I'll spawn a wither! You need to put soul sand up 2 blocks and 1 block on each side then put wither skeleton head on the 3 on the top. D.M was taking snapshots of us doing stuff. When she took a picture of me it was me fighting the wither! I wish i was on survival for this!


Thanks for reading,

It's me the Tuesday Calcagrim! 


  Hey guy's welcome back!



  Today I tried to get on like the server we were supposed to go like at least 15 times and everyone else was to including D.M. So D.M told us just to wait a second while she loaded a new world for us. When D.M told us to get in i didn't know so i asked what is the server address. When i got in i was in creative mode,I saw that the boys were getting armor. Then D.M told us we were going to go on survival. Oh! I better get some armor. I took a full set of diamond armor and tools.  When we were on survival and I tried to get on the server i couldn't. D.M let me go on her accout then which is Liragrim. D.M had nothing! I saw a forest nearby so I went to get a horse. I got lost and I couldn't get out of the forest and it was becoming night. Luckily i saw a lava pool so i jump in it and killed myself. I respawned and saw a fight against monsters . Some one died and had really good armor.I took it and i found an enchanted arrow to boy was i lucky. It was morning again and look it's a horse in the forest! I hurried to and rode on it. I learned by riding on a horse you tame it from a pc minecraft video.  At the last second I tamed it! YES!




Well guy's i'll see you November 18,2014, 

                                                                  Bye the I'm the tuesday Calcagrim



November 18,2014


Sorry guy's no minecraft club today got moved to November 19,2014 at lunch.


November 19,2014


 Hey guy's what's going on,


   Hold on let me finish my lunch. (lol) So okay umm..  What should I do? And where's my horse i tamed last time? Whatever I got some horse spawn eggs and spawned in some horse. There's one I like! I tamed it I'm sure you know how and then I got a saddle and diamond horse armor. I pressed use on him but instead of the saddle going on him a white screen came with a picture of my horse and a saddle and a slot for diamond horse armor I took the saddle and my diamond horse armor to the Correct slot and then rode him. Then i remembered jason was making a house for us! Yay there was a fence so we can tie our horse up. I got bored later on so the i went to ride my horse but I died and couldn't find my horse oh well! 


See you next time,

The Tuesday Calcagrim



November 25,2014


      Hi guy's i,m back,


     Today we went to the server that the minecraft club members were supposed to be playing and holy cheese it was fun! I mostly was in PvP me and someone else were vs Liragrim Henry won pretty much all the rounds so i quit the PvP. I tamed a horse after that and named it Kevin. If your wondering how to do it I didn't learn myself, Rythigrim teaches me that you have to put it in a anvil and name it with the name button thingy. Then I heard S.S In PvP And the tables turned the other team had more people but we still won.  We had many rounds we were owning them! Then I crashed out and couldn't get back in so I played a single player server.


Bye guys be sure to check out Rythigrim,

                                                                Lets Go Team Tuesday Calcagrim!


December 2,2014



Hey team Calcagrim Did you check out Rythigrim?


      I seriously just demanded to get in a fight in war. I lost so badly I just Rage Quit! Then I went to check on Kevin that you should know from last time. If not it's a horse I tamed I put it beside Fei Fei, E.C,Tiffany's house in a pen but this time I went there was dinner bone in There! If you don't know what that is It's any animal which is named dinner_bone turns upside down. The one in the pen with my horse was a pig. Then i saw Gersplats TnT cannon he was showing to Liragrim IN TnT World. Then I went to PvP again and I got owned so badly. Well thats how bad I am in PvP. (sigh)


Well Don't forget to check some better PvP people,

                                      And.... LETS GO TEAM CALCAGRIM! 



December 9,2014


Hi team Calcagrim Theres no minecraft club today.








My play minecraft  so happy.  

Today very high.

I saw water

I saw people

I saw zombie.




Ms.Maliszewski And I hit and.

I saw chest.

I and suzy play minecraft.

I saw tree.

I saw grass.


January 20, 2015

I was in 


I killed a wolf.

I killed it with my hands.

I couldn't see anything.

The teacher helped me get out.

It was fun.




Today is very happy.  

i had a lot of fun.

i saw people play.

i killed people

i love minecraft.                                                                                                                                                                                           

feb 3,2015

Today so happy.

I can see Ms. Mail .

I can see goat.

I can see pig.

I can see spider. 0




I see sun.

I see moon.

I see chair.

I see desk.

i made home

i have fun  



I see bed.

I see kellie.

I kill zombies.

I kill horses.

I see flower.



I kill pig.

I go in a home.

today so fun.

I see cakes.

I see fish.





Today I played Minecarft with xXcheeseinatorXx and Artagrim. i started the day (Minecraft day) with entering the TNT world. i followed  xXcheeseinatorXx he was building a nuke which may or may not have completely destroy but it wasn't my fault he changed to survival and the creeper that i used to destroy his nuke blew up if he didn't go it would have been fine, after i just roamed around the place but there was one more thing i did i PVP'ed Artagrim which i thought was bad at Minecraft, he rekt me like i was a slab of butter and he was a hot knife then cheeseinator came out of no where and join the other team so i was getting omega shrekted. so ya thats really the only things I did. yup!! 

Comments (13)

TuesNovDec7 said

at 5:28 pm on Nov 5, 2014

why do you only have 4 sentence's and did not finsh the 5th one?

TuesNovDec7 said

at 5:36 pm on Nov 5, 2014

do you mean So i got out of the portal?

TuesNovDec7 said

at 5:40 pm on Nov 5, 2014

ok but i fouth you are a expert at Minecraft fei fei i think?

TuesNovDec3 said

at 6:18 pm on Nov 8, 2014

a little better.

TuesNovDec7 said

at 4:38 pm on Nov 13, 2014

Remember you still have to do it for November 11,2014 just a reminder!

TuesNovDec3 said

at 4:45 pm on Nov 15, 2014

I know

TuesNovDec7 said

at 6:40 pm on Nov 17, 2014

ok you can live in my diamond house!

TuesNovDec7 said

at 6:41 pm on Nov 17, 2014

ok now this is better。

TuesNovDec7 said

at 6:44 pm on Nov 17, 2014


TuesNovDec7 said

at 6:45 pm on Nov 17, 2014


TuesNovDec5 said

at 8:08 pm on Nov 17, 2014


TuesNovDec7 said

at 5:35 pm on Dec 14, 2014

me and him is good = 我和你好

TuesNovDec7 said

at 5:37 pm on Dec 14, 2014

me and him is good or not = 我和你好不好

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