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Sociagrim Jr

Page history last edited by Sociagrim 10 years, 4 months ago

last week i play minecraft it is so fun. when i log in and i saw player dennis and i play it so fun.     

jan,21,2014 Today i play minecraft and i went in to the surival mod, and it is fun because me and dennis is playing togathe,  and it is so fun but i die because the zonbie kill me and dennis is die same as me,an then dennis and me is going so we will have next teusday.     


JAN. 28/14


Today i play with Dennis we when into the surival mod and we build a wood house and we are have lots of fun,I ply in the pvp zone i kill jonny and henry and they was mad 




FEB 11/14


Today jonny and henry they were borcken the pvp znoe because they was put the lava all over the pvp zone  

and today i can't login to  minecraft but failly i stil log on to the minecraft is fun.





Today me and dennis frost survival me and dennis carp down the wood and cow and me and dennis kill by two zombies one of them were golden arrow an then me and dennis kill by the zombies and dennis trieb to save me but dennis kill by one of the zombies  so me and dennis went to the pvp zone and i was rea and dennis bule and i did't kill one of themand shukia came went the blue and dennis quit and join into my tame me and dennis want to going to the tnt zone but it stuck so we lot out and this the end of story.






Today me and dennis went to the tnt zone and xi quan is playing the game is so fun play with xi quan and we was want to go back to the pvp zone so i can play with xi quan so after we finish the game an then i quit the pvp zone so dennis ask me do i want fingt the draong with them so we find the podon so we try to goning in to the podion but did't work so we try to build aonther one but it still work so there have enghone time to play.





Last time me and dennis we went to the TNT zone and that we spawn wither and then i tp to shushu and then i findw shushu an then i tp to dennis and dennis tried to make the ender world and it did't work and i shot aorrt at her an then i frot ponise at her an she get mad so i fly to the sky and shushu want to hit me back and she foret i'm in crewvit mode and i tp to terragrim and we turn in to survival  an then i kill a zombie and i get a stone sword and i try to kill the ender man and i am looking at the ender man so the ender will get mad so it will crist me so i run back in to the star and then i run in to the TNT zone agirt and that is the end.

Comments (2)

TingLeditor@gmail.com said

at 9:15 am on Feb 18, 2014

Hi Sociagrim - I'm sorry you weren't able to log onto Minecraft last time (Feb. 11). We'll have to try and figure out why.
Why do you think PhisaJr & PonderJr poured lava on the PvP zone?

TingLeditor@gmail.com said

at 9:15 am on Feb 25, 2014

Sounds like an epic zombie massacre on Feb. 18! What was the best part? Will you PvP on Feb. 25 or go to the TNT zone?

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