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Minecraft Club Hub

Page history last edited by TingLeditor@gmail.com 5 years, 7 months ago


Welcome to the Minecraft Club Hub, home of the Toronto District School Board / EDGE Lab Multi-School Minecraft Space!

Click here (or the side bar) to access pages from Agnes Macphail P.S., Duke of Connaught P.S., Highland Heights Jr. P.S. or Timberbank Jr. P.S.! We'll add links to other pages as they are created.


To answer some basic questions ...


WHO is a part of this? = This is for the students involved in the Minecraft Clubs at various TDSB schools and other participants. It's a public wiki so we'll be using our in-game avatars and names here when communicating with each other.


WHAT can we add to this wiki? = This is our wiki so you can create any relevant pages you see fit. Photo galleries? Challenges? Tips and tricks? Player bios? Resources? It's up to you!


WHERE can we find the wiki and/or our server IP? = The address of this wiki is http://minecraftclubhub.pbworks.com and server access is restricted to those with permissions (during supervised school/library hours).


WHEN can we post and/or play? = Game play is only allowed during club times. Contributions to the wiki can occur outside of club time as long as it does not interfere with regular class work.


WHY was this wiki created? = Mr. O'Donnell, Ms. Colby and I (Mrs. Maliszewski) made this wiki as a way for us to connect with each other, share what we're doing, and have fun. 


So HOW about we review some really simple wiki rules? Each club can place their in-club and in-game rules below so we are all on the same page.


2018-19 Group Norms for Agnes Macphail

October  November  January  February  March  April  May 
Tuesday Group  Tuesday Group   Tuesday Group   Tuesday Group   Tuesday Group   Tuesday Group   Tuesday Group  
Thursday Group  Thursday Group   Thursday Group   Thursday Group   Thursday Group   Thursday Group   Thursday Group  




2018 Group Norms for Agnes Macphail P.S.


February  March April May 

Tuesday Group

1. We can play single player or multiplayer

2. We can't steal people's items if they die

3. We fight in the fight zone only

4. No taking or breaking people's houses

5. You can help others if they say yes (but no tricking, do what they want)

Tuesday Group

1. No swearing

2. Cheats allowed

3. Fight in fight area only

4. Shields allowed

5. Permission before exploding 


Thursday Group

1. No using "/kill" commands

2. Fight in arenas only

3. No trolling (mean pranks, e.g. exploding house)

4. No grabbing each other's keyboards when we play 

Thursday Group

1. Agree in chat if you want to PVP

2. No "/kill" (can do spawn point)

3. Limit of 4 for "/effects"

4. No destroying others' buids

5. Claim your land

6. Okay for "/keep inventory"

7. No "/summon hostile mobs"

8. Limit non-hostile spawns to 10 





2016-17 Group Norms from Agnes Macphail P.S.


January  February  March  April  May 


= must agree in chat

= only in certain places


= away from others

= in special areas


= no kill traps


= no robbing

= no trespassing


Tuesday Group says...

> no vandalizing

> safe, clean chat

> no chat spam

> cheats okay

> use TNT away from others

> PvP okay if both in survival

> PvP confirm in chat 1st 

Tuesday Group says...

+ battle zone is only place we can kill each other

+ respect other people's property (no breaking)

+ TNT use only for far away, battle zone

or not near others 


Thursday Group says...

+ battle in arena

+ no spawn kill

+ no slash hill

+ cheats, shields, potions are OK

+ don't mass spawn mobs

Tuesday Group says...

* PvP is okay if you agree in chat and out loud

* allow cheats

* no slash kills and max level enchantment is 10 (all other / ok)

* limit to 5 mob spawns and 15 non mob spawns 


Thursday Group says ...

* if you "kill" someone without permission 2x, you get kicked off for a while

* PvP is okay if you agree in chat and out loud

* limit to 5 mob spawns and 10 non-hostile mob spawns






2015-16 Group Norms from Agnes Macphail P.S.


December  January  February  March  April  May 

Team Tuesday = - no griefing

- only kill in PVP area unless agreed in advance

- TNT in designated areas only

- avoid excessive wither spawning

Team Thursday =  

Team Tuesday =

Team Thursday =  


Team Tuesday =

Team Thursday =  


Team Tuesday =

Team Thursday =  


Team Tuesday =

Team Thursday =  no briefing or trolling

write before you play


Team Tuesday =




2014-15 Group Norms


Agnes Macphail P.S. November-December Groups 

Team Tuesday says: only kill in PVP / don't kill people in Survival / no trolling or cyber-bullying /  TNT only in TNT world / no destroying other people's stuff (griefing) / no stealing out of chests / don't hijack other people's houses

Team Thursday says: only kill in PVP / don't break anyone's things / don't enter someone's house without permission (get allowance in chat) / no random spawn of hostile mobs / only 5 spawns of non-hostiles / don't build close by someone else's house / don't say rude stuff in chat / don't troll people's houses (e.g. flooding) / traps allowed so be careful

Agnes Macphail P.S. January-February Groups  Team Tuesday says: no destroying other people's stuff / no attacking other people unless in PVP / no stealing other people's stuff in survival 
Agnes Macphail P.S. May-June Groups  Team Tuesday says: no griefing / spawn wither on in TNT zone / be respectful / PvPing outside the PvP zone is allowed only if all people agree in chat AND a sign is posted / if an Elder talks to you in chat, you must answer (and keep chat scale normal) / don't log on after hours 




SCHOOL (2013-14) Agnes Macphail P.S. Intermediates HH and JAGLA  Agnes Macphail P.S.  Juniors    

Respect other people's property

No raiding / trolling / stealing/ hacking

No griefing / inappropriate language / X-rays

Keep player fights to PvP zones 

Don't break things that belong to others

No stealing (Can we steal from villagers?  Is it stealing?)

No trolling


PvP only in PvP zones

No jacking people's stuff

TPing allowed but need permission from players

No griefing (breaking other people's stuff) 

IN-CLUB RULES  Write on wiki  Write on the wiki  You must write on the wiki     



Agnes Macphail P.S.
Duke of Connaught P.S.
Highland Heights Jr. P.S.

A- you must come unless you have a good reason

B - use the wiki / journal

C - use the club server only during club time

A. You must attend the club meetings (miss no more than 3)

B. Respect each other

C. Watch your language

D. No yelling

A) You are expected to be present during club time. 

B) Help each other 

C) Respect each other.


1) Don't go into other people's houses without permission

2) Don't grieve (steal items or destroy stuff)

3) Fighting is only allowed in the battle arena

4) You can ask players for stuff but don't beg - signs will indicate what chests are for the community or just for schools

5) No OPing (for now)

6) No swearing in chat

1. No trolling

2. No grieving

3. No cheat codes

4. No "spawn kill" (tricking someone so they are killed by a spawn)


1) please show respect for others belongings and properties

2) Think before you act or do (Trolling, grieving, cheat codes and spawn kill.)

3)Have fun and discover the land of minecraft. 




Comments (12)

TingLeditor@gmail.com said

at 9:12 pm on Apr 4, 2012

The Grims would like to make a change to our in-game rules - we want to allow teleporting by limited request only by the Head Grim. How do other people feel about that?

hellcrafterz said

at 4:21 pm on Apr 10, 2012

i'd like that good way to get back to friends if seperated or died

mrodonnell said

at 6:05 pm on May 11, 2012

I have no problem with that! All players now have the ability to warp where ever there are set warps. Just type /warp to see all the available warps. You can also type /sethome to set your home and then /home to port back there!

Septaerie said

at 2:28 pm on May 14, 2012

that would be graet because im always alone so that would be nice

simonshadowblock said

at 6:49 pm on Oct 17, 2013

Can you kick those people who troll i hate trollers take all your loot

zackdavis1990 said

at 6:10 pm on Nov 5, 2013

Can you maybe add some grammar to your sentence? I find it hard to read and It took me some time to understand what you were trying to say. ( Sorry but thats what we grammar nazis do )

TingLeditor@gmail.com said

at 10:59 am on Jan 16, 2014

There's a saying that "you catch more flies with honey than vinegar" - kindly recommending that someone may want to edit their post works much more effectively than public shaming. As for dealing with trollers, we have our in-game jail. How will trolls ever learn to stop trolling if we just kick them out?

TuesNovDec7 said

at 7:05 pm on Nov 4, 2014

Minecraft is awsome and XD lol!

TuesNovDec7 said

at 5:05 pm on Nov 5, 2014

I love Minecraft club and lol i am a youtube i'm going to be recording my video in 10 seconds hey guys it is Mancaman here we are going to be going the new dimension today it is called the tnt portel and Kevin in thinknoodles shows will totole like this because he likes tnt badam boom!

TuesNovDec7 said

at 5:16 pm on Nov 5, 2014


TuesNovDec7 said

at 6:58 pm on Nov 17, 2014

merci madam!

TuesNovDec7 said

at 6:45 pm on Jan 15, 2015


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