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Page history last edited by Zersplat2018MayThurs 6 years, 2 months ago

Thursday, May 3, 2018

     Today at my first Minecraft club I was the person to create the server and Mersplat and Persplat joined me. At first, I meet up with Persplat and we went to this private island that was far away from where we were originally from. We started to created houses, I always have been horrible at building in Minecraft but for some reason, I was kind of good at it. Then, when Persplat and I were halfway done Mersplat joined our server. She was mostly doing nothing but then on an island next to us, started to build a house that looked pretty similar to my house since my house had Anicia brick walls but with my house, it had white glass pane on it. Then we were still building but nothing really happened but before Mersplat came to our 'private' island she was killing sheep, trees, and grass. Mersplat doesn't know here directions so Persplat had to go get her. I was still building but after I was done with my house, I decided on building a backyard that was going to be lead into the big ocean. Persplats house way next door we were planning on making beach house because we were thinking the big ocean as a beach. I was still not done my house because I still had to add a house roof some fences for the backyard and etc. Persplat was all angry about my house design even though she knew I suck at building in Mine craft. I had to do so many things for my house and backyard but didn't have a chance because half the time I had to wait until mine craft can load then, I was watching Mersplat and Persplat created their creations. It was really funny how Mersplat had pink walls on a weird house, to begin with. Persplat kept on getting angry at me because I didn't have good building structure for houses. The whole time I had fun and I had fun since I've never played Mine craft in a long time probably a year from now since I played last in March or April. Mine craft was fun and so excited for next week so I can kind of finish my structure so that Persplat wouldn't get angry at me for her 'bad structure'. Mine craft was fun and is always really fun if you never played it for a long time but remember to change the control settings because I struggled with them until Persplat and Mersplat told me to change them. MINE CRAFT!!!!!


Thursday, May 10, 2018

     Woohoo, Minecraft again. Today I built my own secret room underground that was from a door in my backyard. In that secret room, I had glow stones that led the way so I can see because it was really dark down there.  I made it super long because I thought I can do and put things down there to get it back after or just for more space because Persplat's house was next to mine so I really couldn't do much and on the other side it was the ocean. Then after that, I made stairs that led to a floor on top of the main floor because I wanted a room to have beds and be kind of like a bedroom for Mersplat and Persplat and I can have a sleepover and hang out in. I also put glow stones up here because it was dark and I like the feel of them too. I made my garden all pretty. My goal for the next club is that I want to make a fridge in my house because today I tried to but I forgot to do something and time was up for playing so I really couldn't do much. I want to make my house a four-floor house because if anyone other than Mersplat and Persplat joins and want to have a sleepover at my house they can because I have beds for them. I forgot to tell that in front of my house is the ocean so I decided to block a little with blocks so I can make kind of like an outdoor swimming pool in the ocean and I was partially on working on a dock for my house because then I can really feel like I am at a beach house. I really want to use my next time wisely because I want to be done on my four -floors so on the last Minecraft day I can show everyone about my Minecraft beach house fun house. I always have fun at Minecraft club can't wait for next week because I can play more. MINE CRAFT!!!!!  


Thursday, May 24, 2018

     Today in Minecraft I 

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