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Page history last edited by Persplat2018MayTues 6 years, 2 months ago

May 2, 2018

1.upgraded to iron/gold and got iron tools iron sword iron pickaxe

2.watched leo get killed by lava and watched leo's tools burn the lava burn his items

3.get a stack of coal torch sticks wooden planks 

4.get killed by creepers , skeletons , zombies , baby zombies

5.lost many items crafting table,furnace, iron


May 9, 2018 

1.went to the nether 

2.summoned the wither but was killed by leo with peaceful mode

3.i got lost in the nether and made a another portal

4.moved in to leo's house    

5.failed to spawn the wither storm i don't know why  


May 16, 2018

1.i got killed by silverfish and i don't even know how the silverfish got in the house

2.i went in the i give up hole because i was killed and lost half of all my items

3.Liragrim broke my neither portal

4.Liragrim Turn of cheats so i do not fix the portal 

5.found out i can't use a command block unless i am in creative mode 


May 22, 2018    

1.i got a diamond block from Tersplat and crafted a diamond sword,pickaxe,axe

2.i was killed lava and lost all items

3.i was kill in the zombie apocalypse and Tersplat knock a zombie on me and i died 

4.i went in the coal heaven/Bishnog and Tersplats cave and got a stack of coal but was killed by lava and lost everything    

5.watched Bishnog and Liragrim/Dishnog fight to THE DEATH LOL 

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