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Page history last edited by Geresplat2018AprTues 6 years, 3 months ago




1.Today was my first minecraft in 2018.  Today I made a arena with persplat i added beacons so LIGHT BEAMS come out!


2.Fishnog showed me a fire charger cannon which shoots fire ball


3.I gave my self lots of health boost and regeneration so i can't die from fall damage.


4.AND SOMEONE SPAWN A ENDER DRAGON so i was lagging crazy but after i wasn't that laggy.







1.Today in minecraft I was fighting fishnog,rishnog and mersplat and me and fishnog are invisible so its hard to find us.


2.We when to the end but it didn't work so we stayed at the normal world and persplat made a nether portal so we can go to the nether


3.I made a room in a tree with lirgram,persplat and rishnog but mine was hidden in persplat's room


4.When i was fighting mersplat with fishnog we broke his armour so he had to make new armour.


5.when i was fight rishnog it never end so we just gave up the fight because we had to much golden apples.





1. Today in minecraft i was fighting Fishnog and rishnog and i won the fight because my armour was strong and i had so much golden apples.


2.I help Persplat for the shower that you can turn off and on and i used redstone.


3. Fishnog tried to make a working car but it didn't work and i made a trampoline that works and it bounces me in the air


4. During the battle Persplat was splashing potions on me like Strength,Leaping and fire Resistance


5. Tomorrow i will be fight mersplat and i might win because i have lots of golden apples so i can't die. I also will get a better bone it hit people with.





1.Today i was fight rishnog,fishnog and mersplat again but didn't win because people were splashing potions on us.


2.fishnog tried to make a car and a plane that moves but it didn't work again he even made a drawing to see how to make it.


3.In the fight my armour is so close to breaking so i need diamonds to fix it but my helmet broke once.


4. i built a small arena on water so we walk slow so it will be harder to fight in water.


5. today is my last mine craft club which is sad because i wanted to make secret places so no one can come in but i didn't get to.



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