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Today is the first day of minecraft club. I play with my friend Persplat , we had a fight for fun . But before that Fishnog put me in gamemode 0 , and I was flying so i fell in the water , and I got so mad at him . So when me and Persplat where fighting we could not eat or billed. I also play spleef with everyone at the end . I had a lot of fun today . 




Today is the 2th day of Minecraft club . Today I made a small little castle ... IN THE AIR !!! I also made a very long roller coaster ,and my friend Persplat help me . When me and Persplat where making a hot tub before , we said " DON'T GO IN THE LAVA" because we where going in to put water on top . But I don't know why but Fishnog want in the water,sorry we didn't put water on,so ... FISHNOG WANT IN LAVA!!!!!!! We did say not to go in, that Fishnog was also in gamemode 0 so Fishnog almost died . we took the pigs out side




This is the 2th last day of Minecraft club . Today I made a world and my friend Persplat lived in it , But Fishnog made a world for him and his friend . So Bishnog went in Fishnog world but Fishnog friend had to go . But Fishnog was mean to Bishnog . So Bishnog lived with us . Then Fishnog was lonely so he went in my world , but Fishnog did't get to live with us . We lived in a tree house ... well it was wood made to look like a tree , It didn't look good , but I had fun . 




Today was the very last day of  Minecraft club and I did a lot of fun Things . Bishnog play with Fishnog in Fishnog world and me and Persplat  played in my world . we lived in a   . It was in water and we made it very tall . We also had a lot of pigs and baby pigs they where so cute . So we took them outside to play . when Minecraft club ended me and  Persplat kill all the pigs . RIP PIGGIES       

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