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minecraft club work

Page history last edited by Gersplat2018FebTues 6 years, 5 months ago


  1. Today I made room. And bojun, Felita, steven and I play together.
  2. And I find one Jungle relic, and we go to jungle relic I find 1 chest and Steven find other one chest and two chests inside thing I take all.
  3. And bojun find the village and we go to that village.Now night we find the zombies and we kill the zombies. Steven says: I go to adventure.
  4. Steven goes to cave Go Go Go and has zombie baby and one skull and my heart has three.
  5. I help steven but is to late. 









  1. I come to play minecraft and Ms.Mali open 1234.. computers, and login all the computers.
  2. I am don't know it is computers so SLOW or Ms.Mali login computers's speed was bad.
  3. I feel bad when i can't play#:( 
  4. And i played 5678...mins and i go home.
  5.  And i am so sad whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.



  1. I am go to library play minecraft.
  2. And i go to Bojun's world and i made home and made...
  3. And is night and Ms.Mali came to the word.
  4. And we fight with zombies, and i don't know why.Bojun LIVES (LEFT) THE WORLD!!!
  5. And i made a world, i walk walk walk... when i saw llama. 

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Gersplat2018FebTues said

at 4:53 pm on Feb 2, 2018

And I find how to do again^.^

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