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Page history last edited by Lishnog2018FebTues 6 years, 5 months ago

Thursday, February 1, 2018


First i went in minecraft .next i join my friend and we went in creative mode and gabbed some stuff like diamond armour and diamond sword, diamond pickaxe, diamond axe, diamond hoe,and diamond shovel and i gabbed a shied.my friend made a house it looks really bad.and then I went to mine I used /effect lishnog minecraft:haste 100 255 and i mined like crazy ever thing got rekt then. I used /kill dishnog he got so mad he tried to kill me but he failed I used tab he tried 10 times he was like just let me kill you i said fine and he killed me and i killed him back real hard so yea thats it.






thursday february 8 2018





I saw a tree. I didn't get to play because Ms. Mali didn't get Minecraft on before we played.   I watched my friend play it was so painful.


He was fighting zombies and evokers he ran like usain bolt away from the mobs.


He was going to let me play but we needed to go.



thursday feb 2018

I went to my friends world and used a command to explode every thing but i crashed.


I filled 1331 tnt blocks  thats why i crashed.


I was going to make a piston door but the time is up.


To day was better then last time.


Me and my friend was in creative mode.







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