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Page history last edited by Fishnog2017AprThurs 7 years, 3 months ago

dishnog and lishnog built a pvp arena and we were fighting in it.                                       april 4/17


me and persplat were fighting the wither.

we were trying to make a end portal and it didn't work.

at pvp i lost and gersplat won.

we tried to the find the end portal but we gave up.

i was piping with persplat and he won.i tried to enchant something




Today we played minecraft I got to know how to effect.We fought the ender dragon.Gersplat was cheating battling  the ender dragon. it took dishnog 20 mins or something to make the end portal.me and persplat were battling he beat me first time then i beat him second time .and dishnog and Lishnog made a air arena. AND gersplat and me and rishnog and tersplat were battling .


APRIL 18/17


Today Tersplat was making a end portal again.Then i started effecting my self.Then i battled rishnog nobody won.Then we went to the end when i came every body left.After i saw the thing to go to the next dimension and i fell so i had to drink milk and i died.

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