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one day when we are playing Mine craft  lishnog was trying to

find a end porto. he gone very mad and blew the cave up then

he quited the game. He went to the world and play sky wars

lishnog did not have a chance to PVP. she we where there

it is very lagi. it was boring so lishnog left sky wars.


Thursday 23,2017


today we played mine craft we spawn a lot of whit hers 

lishnog and bishnog was was defending the boss i got 

2 nether stars. after we defend the 3 whiter we went to 

the neither. we build a neater porto and went to a biom 

in the desert. after some time we tried to find a end porto.

but we failed finding it so we just played some PVP.


friday 31 march


today we where playing Pvp then we where 

fightinig lishnog got atack from Gersplat s dert witch he made 

using command. we where fighting the weather agin.

after that we went to play pvp. after lishnog was killed

by his dirt. after a while we began to fight withers agin.


The End..... or is it





hey duds we are plying mine craft we where plying pvp.

also lishnog me i went to my world because it was not 

fun. i tried to defend my village. there was a lot of 

zombie. there what no body with me. it was the best last day.


the end....... :)



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