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Page history last edited by Dersplat2017FebTues 7 years, 5 months ago

Thursday, Feb 9, 2017 


     This is the first day of minecraft this year! Today I rode a horse, a polar bear, and a wolf. I also rode on a boat, but, I ended up floating away and needed help so I transported to Fishnog. Tersplat had a lot of wolves! luckily, I helped Tersplat take care of all those wolves. I also went to lishnog's house that was still unfinished. Tersplat, Fishnog, me, and Rishnog went to the netherworld and Rishnog sent way too many

spiders and wether monsters. It was fun with Tersplat though.


From: Dersplat



Thursday, Feb 16, 2017



     Second day of Minecraft! We had lots of fun today. Me and Tersplat made a house for the both of us created a house for the both of us to live in. We all went fishing and I found some weird objects. Gersplat was creating a arena for the both of us. I created a wolf named pappy and two horses for me and Tersplat. One of them is Lilly and the other one is Polly. We also created two beds for the both of us. And, created dispensers for us to put food and objects in. I also created many horses (by accident.)  Well, thanks for listening, bye bye


From: Dersplat


Thursday, Feb 23, 2017


     Today, I went to get meat for my and Tersplat's house. I had to get a boat so I could get to the other island and found many chickens and dogs. Then I attacked them to get the meat from them and from a cow. Then I brought them home to put in the dispenser. Then Gersplat invited me to come to his arena. First round, I was with Lishnog as Red Team. I died after 2 mins in the arena! The next round I was with Persplat. At least I lasted longer than Gersplat. When I killed Gersplat in the arena, Lishnog killed me after I killed Gersplat. The third round, Tersplat joined and I was with Gersplat. I ended up accidentally hitting Gersplat! Then The Forth round was everyone on their own. Afterwards, I went to the lake because I accidentally set myself on fire at the arena! I picked up some diamond weapons and I had to put it away because I just remembered that  it's only a stone sword arena game! We'll I have to leave bye bye.



From: Dersplat


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