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Page history last edited by Persplat2017FebTues 7 years, 4 months ago

    - Persplat


     Today I enchanted some stuff and gave them protection for amor and efficiency for the pickaxe. -_- gave some speed commands and got super speedy. I went to -_- for awhile to build a "Underwater-House" and then he wanted to build one land so I left him. Later, the commands wore off on me and I teleported to Steven and went into the nether. -_- spawned bunch of withers and then killed them instantly because he made his attack super powerful with commands again and then left the nether so I left the nether too. Then -_- lagged the server again by spawning a bunch of mobs to him from the sky and killed me, -_- and some other people. I got a new bow and blocks and teleported to -_- again. He was building a "Mansion-Arena" for a battle place with diamond blocks. Then there was 1 minute left and then there was none.






     Today I made a arena with Gersplat and we battled there because it got finished just in time. There was just enough time for a pvp so once Gersplat went into survival mode, I knocked Gersplat many times until he got knocked into the lava so I Won. I also did some pvp with Lishnog and he won all of them because he was too OP for me. We battled many times and it turned out jump and strength and speed outlast regeneration and speed. He also had fire arrows and mine had knockback. His armour was enchanted and OP armour is always the best so I guess that's why he won.






     Today I built a mini house with wood planks. Then Gersplat told me to tp to him and I put my items into my chest in the ground and followed him into the portals for the arena. I did a few rounds with Gersplat and Lishnog and some other person , the first with Gersplat and then the second round with Lishnog and then with some person . I killed that "some person" many times. Then, Gersplat slash killed me so I went to PvP with Lishnog. Lishnog had a horse with diamond armour, a full set of armour, some random things but also a bow and a sword. Lishnog and me battled many times and he won them all like last time because I had no armour on at all and he had a diamond sword and I had a stone sword. Lishnog also used lots of strength potion and his horse took a lot of his damage so he literally didn't take damage, only his horse did. Then of course, Lishnog took lots of time to feed his horse so then I left him but then some other random person /killed everybody. I did some TNT exploding on islands in the ocean and then someone spammed the world and it was also time to go.

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