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Page history last edited by Rishnog2017FebTues 7 years, 4 months ago

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

Hiya!  I'm Rishnog!  Today me, Tersplat and Lishnog built a farm and a house(made of diamond!).  Lishnog worked on the farm the most.  Me and Tersplat worked on our diamond house!  Then Tersplat made our house WAY too tall...  but that's okay.  We plan on making our house 5 layers or so.  Lishnog made the farm look really good(especially the roof!), and spawned chickens and horses.  One of the horses jumped out the window... and then Tersplat killed him.  Poor horsey!  And finally, we finished off by making a tunnel connecting from our house to the barn.  We are probably gonna make a backyard with a pool at the back(that's why I left the little pond thingy on the outside).  So, yeah.  That's basically all we did today.


Tuesday, February 14th, 2017

I'm back.  Today me, Tersplat and Lishnog finished up the roof of our house, and started on the other floors(for our rooms!).  I got bored so I started working on the pool, and tried to fix up the big hole in our barn which led to a tunnel to our house.  We didn't want chickens and horses in our house!!  And also, for some reason, there were polar bears in our barn??!?!!?  That was weird.  I ended up just putting a big barrier in the barn so that the animals couldn't access the hole.  If I fixed the hole, then we wouldn't be able to get into the barn!  After that, I decided to make a railway that we could ride to get to our barn, house and pool quickly.  Then Tersplat wanted to try it out, so I put a minecart down... and she didn't now how to get in it... so Lishnog and her brother had to help Tersplat.  That's pretty much all we did today... Happy Valentine's Day!


Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

Hoiiiii...  Today me, Tersplat and Lishnog finished up our house.  We ended up putting glowstones on the floor in a checkered pattern along with diamond blocks.  I can't believe we finished our house!!!! (That took WAYYY too long... lol).  The house took up 2 meetings to finish!  Sadly, we only have one more meeting... so we son't be able to live in our humongous house, as we will have to work on our ice rink, which we started today.  We used quartz blocks as the walls.  In the middle of the meeting, I asked if we could listen to music... so Tersplat turned on some music.  Music Party!!  But we could never agree on a song... but that's okiedokie.  Most of us just didn't know what to choose.  I still didn't finish the pool yet, we should probably work on that next time.  Turns out, we're making 3 pools-one for the each of us!  Anyways, Tersplat found out that we couldn't put beds on the glowstones.  What a waste of time!!!!!  Haha, whatever.  Sad laiiife, the next meeting is our last!!  Baiieyyy!

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