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Page history last edited by Dersplat2017FebTues 7 years, 5 months ago

i 7,2017

Hello. I am Dersplat. Today I built a birthday cake as a house on a mountain made of out of oalk wood. I also help rising build her diamond house by distorting the floor and replacing this with gold blocks. I also had a bit fit with the commands and still do not know how to use them. I had a rich conversation about how rich rising is. Plus I got all survivle ready. I have Fully enchanted Diamand armour and sword plus bow. All I need now is food and tools. See you next time. 


Febuary 14,2017

Happy Valentines day. Today was extremely BORING. I got a tad fed up with the controls. I stocked up with all the arrows that I would need for survival. I then decided to venture into the nether. I got tied up with the game mode commands . When I finally went in, it was an empty wasteland. I then flew in creative and then got lost. It took me forever to find my portal. When I finally found I I built A pokeball and logged off. There you have it folks from when I first loved on to when I last logged off. Seya next time.


Febuary 21,2017

Happy late Family Day. Today was the day I decided to do my own world. I made my world on Hardcore. And I survived and still have not died. I had a heart attack when a spider attacked me at night. I built an underground cavern. It took at least 30 to kill a pig with bear hands and 1 minute to kill a cow with a stone sword. After 6 mins of mining, I finally found a patch of Iron Ore and it was big. Once I finished mining that I found a big patch of coal next to it. I survived 3 days and nights before logging off. and the entire time was a battle of music. i never got my way as i am stuck in 2012 and not 2017. well next week is my day so lets make it a good one. Seeya next time. Bye. 

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