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Page history last edited by Persplat2017FebThurs 7 years, 5 months ago

February 7, 2017


     Today was our first time playing minecraft for 2017.   I was first to join Liragrim's world and then i went far far away. I also kinda set a forest fire, cause i just wanted to......:p.  Then, I started building my house, my house was on a mountain. So were my friend's houses, Gersplat and Mersplat. My house was big and made of quartz stuff and it was tall too.  And basically all my friend's houses were around mine so then it was basically our little community. Yeah, and I had a lot of fun. 



February 14, 2017


     Today I continued building house and I finished! My house had 2 layers. I added a balcony and a greenhouse. I also made the kitchen, the living room and my bedroom. I made a path to my friend (Mersplat) house. Then I finished my house just when the club ended. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  It was very tiring but it was worth it. Next time I'm gonna go to my other friend's houses.  


February 21, 2017  


     Today I made another forest fire........:D and played with LAVA!!!!!!!!!  I made a waterfall above my pool and I helped Fishnog build her house. I also made a path to Fishnog's house and a path to Mersplat's house. I found another house and made i path to it too, I know I'm great at making paths. Anyway today was a great day.

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