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Page history last edited by Rishnog2017JanThurs 7 years, 5 months ago

January 11, 2017


This was the best DAY of my life it was the day i got to play minecraft First i found a small island.Next i started to build my dream house so i made the floor with wooded planks.So i thought i needed to look pro so i made the floor out of Diamond.Next I made the walls out of blue glass and I made a little place for my new pets.One of my friend came to check my New home out She wanted music so she put down a music box...and I pick a disks and put it in and my other friend Said "Who ever Put that Great Song Thanks it So good!!".I was so proud I just wanna Play Minecraft again and again It was the Best maybe I will Pay for it someday.I just felt inside that am going to Love this Game Forever and I also watched a lot of Minecraft movie.So I kind of know I really wanted it and for my birthday I wish I had the Game.  THE END I HOPE YOU WILL WANT TO PLAY MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!




This is January 11,2017


Today i wanted to get a pet so I looked and saw Liama I thought 'wow liama i have to get that'.So I spawn a few and I forgot to get a fence gate to trap them in and they try to run away.So I well killed them...But I left one brown one because he was like train to live in homes he was on my bed not running away.So that baby Liama lived happyed alive in my house well i found out there was a white liama so I got a lead and to him/her.So 2 more baby liama came so I lead them to my pet place i felt sad and got them friend and I made a bat cave for bat and it was to cool to watch them hang from the roof so next time am going to name them.


This is January 26,2017


Today was the Last day I hope not But it was the best I started naming My pet bats.But my friend Dersplat needed help taming a bat I try but FAIL to do it right so I quit helping and told her it can't be done.Next Dersplat needed me to help tame a horse so i help i fed it apples and wheat it didn't work.So I asked Fishnog she didn't help so I asked Gersplat he helped I hope that horse I tame is going to be Dersplat pet too.I remember my friend Persplat wanted to Battle me in the Nether so I got ready and I forgot adoptthe Golden apples and 'magic' my armor.  


This is January 31,2017


Today I was so sad today the last day of Minecraft club.So i made this roller coaster i made a bit last time i made this cool party place roller coaster yea i was almost Done.But i remember i had to build the mountain that the party place was in so i did one of my friend Persplat. needed someone to kill him/battle him so i did punch him and he ask me to battle i said sure.But I magic my armor this time because i wanted to Win and i did.Persplat checked the nether so we can battle BUT he remember that he lead the wether their so he got an idea so he ask everyone Dersplat,Fishnog,Tersplat,Gersplat,Mersplat,and me Rishnog to go fight the wether together so yea we did and we Fail ran out of time and lose. 

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Rishnog2017JanThurs said

at 4:54 pm on Jan 26, 2017

I wish i can play ;[

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