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Page history last edited by Fersplat2016May 8 years, 2 months ago



          Today I did not play with my acount because it did not work so I played with Liragrim. I had really fun because this is my first time playing minecraft. Did not build anything because I did'nt  know how to build yet. Gersplat killed me once but I also died from other things. I also got to fly because gersplat helped me.




Thursday,May 12,2016


          Today I builded a house with fuzzy hamster and tersplat. I also found something that is builded with blocks and it looked like pikachu. I leared how to throw chickens and a lot more. I had a lot of fun this time. I was really happy that I finally got to go on my acount. this is only my second time playing. I can't wait till the next mine craft day!


Thursday,May 19,2016 


          Today I got to go in my account for logging in my computer! On minecraft today  I got a pet dog, and it had a pink collor. I also tried to make a little home for the dogs. but I didn't make the dogs apear fuzzy hamsters made the dogs and help me taim the dogs. I also got to fly up because i needed to find back the dogs home or cage. at first it was hard to get on minecraft. I learned how to throw snowballs and give a dog a bone. Fuzzy hamsters made me disappear. I had a lot of fun today.

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