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Page history last edited by Dersplat2016Apr 8 years, 2 months ago

Tuesday,April, 12,2016


Today I played minecraft. Today I got effects and I one shot people. Fersplat made a  sword that once shot people but not me. I was being mean to them by one shot them. Kirsplat was in gamemode 1 while he was attacking people. Fersplat did /kill to Dersplat and Kirsplat. Kersplat was spawning zombies that killed Fersplat when he lost all of his stuff. he made a  sword  that is level 1000.Then he made a sword that was level -1072. After that the made a sword that was level 30000. Fersplat gave me his level -1072 sword and I still almost one shot him. I did not return the favour.




Today I logged on to play minecraft. When  logged on I had the same things as last time. I also had the same effects. Fersplat gave lirgrim a level 30000 sword. He tried it on me and I GOT ONE SHOT! I lost all my stuff then I tped back and got my stuff again.i died again then tped back. It took awhile to get my effects back. After that I one shot people again. I named my weapons and killed kersplat with each weapon I had. I made a knock back stick called leave. I pick up lirgrim one shot sword. He also filled his inventory with the one shot sword. The sword did 15000 damage. Fersplat made a sky wars base. I put all my good stuff in a ender chest. I tried to get to the base and I fell off. Kersplat knocked me off the edge and i died. When i tried to get back to the base I fell off a lot .





Today we played on Thursday. We played on Thursday because it was our make up day. First we played on a single player world . After we went on the school server. Before we went on the school server i changed my language. When I was on the school server I changed back the language. It took awhile to change back the language. It was annoying because I was not used  to controls. I could do shift click but it won't give me a stack of the thing I want. I tried to get a level 30000 sword I failed because I didn't know the command. I summoned blazes then villager. Someone summoned endermens then I tried to kill them with lava and water. But after I got a good sword and I good bow. I also summon withers and after I got a sharpness axe.

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