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When I was playing i couldn't control the game because I pressed the wrong buttons.I mostly used the space button I needed food so I accedenly killed a dishnog2016mar because I needed food.When I was fighting kisnog2016Apr we had war.It was epic and at the end of the war I won.I was killed by a 3 things skeletons,zombies and Bishnog2016mar.


apr 14,2016



I  killed by Kishnog2016Apr 5 times and he killed me 3 times.We were making a plan last week but today it was a free for all.Then we all teamed up but kishnog kept hiting us so we all killed him and the zombies and other Monsters.Mostle me and bishnog was doing most of the damage and the others kept working on the house.First bishnog killed kishnog then I took his diamond sword and his armmer.Then kishnog wanted to fight me so i killed him twice .




I had lots of fun today.My friend dishnog2016mar helped me a lot.He told me how to get all the weapons.It was cool how easy it was to get all the weapons.Me and Lishnog wanted to have a fight but in the end we did not get to fight.

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