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Tuesday March 1st 2016


Today I explored the school server and built a beacon. I also went into the nether and killed a wither. I used spectral arrows to kill it. I also went into the survival server and died in there to a skeleton and a baby zombie when I fell in a hole and the baby zombie also fell into the hole so I got killed. I re-spawned in the normal school server and did /back to get back to the survival portal. I first got a shield and a new diamond sword.When I got back, I also went to the survival's portal's big castle. All the chests were locked so I couldn't get anything from them. I finally found a bed and a house that I could go in and sleep. It didn't go back to sunshine after many seconds so I just went out and killed some creepers. I also mined some flint and killed spiders to make some arrows and a new bow. With a new bow and some arrows. I started to mine underground to make a furnace. I cooked my raw fish in the furnace and returned back to the school server. I also made a tree house in a jungle tree. I used birch planks to make the floor and walls and used a dungeon

door to complete it. I put a chest, furnace and crafting table in the tree house too! I made a ladder for the tree house and then made a glass window to look outside into the jungle. Under the tree house, I made a beacon to top a pyramid. When I finished that I added a shield to my second hand. The End.


       Today I went into the survival server again and brought diamond armor with me and killed some skeletons. Then I died and went back to the McGamingEdus server. Then XtremeGamer83 made a server and opened it to LAN and I went on it and made a furnace, and a stone sword. Then I went back to the school server and gave myself enchanted armor and a speed potion. I made a tree house in a jungle tree and made it out of wood. I put a chest full of items in it afterward. Then I left the tree house by flying out of it since I was in creative mode. I also destroyed it afterward.There were a lot of trees around the tree house. It was pretty fun.  



       Today the computer was really laggy today so i could not go on a server  because it took too long. Next time the things I want to do are  building a tree house and exploring the school server.I also want to come earlier to get a better computer. I also want to go to the LAN server if it is not full already. I also want to do a PvP bale with someone too.  

I would get full diamond armor and a diamond sword too. I would also get a stack of golden apples to eat and also drink many potions.A pvp battle is pretty fun if you win.I also want to get a bow. I would get spectral  arrows to fire from the bow.
































                            TU 3-29

Today I went on the LAN server and got diamond armour.I enchanted the arrows. I also got a bow. I enchanted that too . I also got a sword and enchanted that a few times. I also enchanted some poison arrows . I enchanted them with sarhpness V.    I also enchanted some slowness arrows. I also threw away my sword.It was okay.         

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mo 3-16

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