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Page history last edited by Fersplat2016Mar 8 years, 3 months ago

 March 1st 2016

Today I explored the school server and builded a 3 coloured beacon. My friend accsidently spawned the wither witch I helped defeat with the new instant health II arrows. I tested the PVP area so praxis the admin can fix it. I had so much fun with the new armoire and arrows in 1.9 version. I tested to see if I took anything from the creative inventory and when I go into the Survival Portal I would have it and I did. Besides that I mostly explored the server. In Our School Portal I found This Super Cute Pikachu From Pokemon. Thank you for reading this Blog. See you On the 8th of march. 



March 8th 2016


Hi It's Fresplat again. Today I helped build Calcagrim2016Mars secret base. I believe it was Lishnog who accidentally killed Calcagrim2016Mars cat Fluffy. After that I when into the bace and I made myself another Fluffy and Calcagrim2016Mar made herself a Fluffy 2.0. At quarter till 5 Xtremegamer83 opened a lan world and we did pvp. I battled Xtremegamer83 and I won with only 4 heart damage. I never got to kill him because that is when Liragram2016Mar told us to start writing this wiki. See you on the 22nd. Fersplat.




March 22nd 2016

Hi. Fersplat is here. Today we spent the entire time on Xtremegamer83s lan world. I was trying to find an end portal but gave up. Next I got ready for PVP with Kersplat2016Mar. I used the PVP check list from the Combat Handbook Guide and tied with him. We spent so long battling but it ended up with each of us at full health. Durring the time everyone acted as if the world was ending. See you on The last day of me. On the 29th. Bye.


Mar 29th 2016

Hello. Today is the last day for me. Today I helped build a PVP area that we never got to use in Calcagrim2016Mar's world.I PVP ed Kersplat2016Mar and lost because of his cheats. LIKE I HAD ENCHANTED DIOMEND ARMORE AND SWORD AND HE KILLED ME WITH ONE WACK OF HIS FISTS!!! I Spawned a whole bunch of witches and Kersplat2016Mar,Calcagrim2016Mar,Vishnog2016Mar,blocky bust and Fishnog were all confused and trying to figure out who spawned them. In the end I PVP ed Calcagrim2016Mar and won in the end with this simple command. /kill Cargarim. See you all next year. Bye.


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