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Page history last edited by Dishnog2016Feb 8 years, 4 months ago

February 4,2016


Today it's our first day in minecraft club!  Starting off I, of course went to get wood and while I was digging for wood somebody( lishnog ) hit me.  After when i was finished digging for wood I went into my inventory and made dark oak wood, after that I made a crafting table.  Then i realized that we could have just went into game mode 1, so that's what i did and it turned into creative mode.  That's is when I started building my beautiful house, well I also tamed a horse and a pig.  It started to rain but my house wasn't finished so I first put down some flowstone to get light, then I continued building my house.  Once I finished my whole entire house, a first floor, a second floor and a BALCONY!  Then I built a bridge over the little river and after I just played around the world.  Today it was a very nice day in minecraft club.    


February 25, 2016


Today was our second day in mine craft club because for the past 2 weeks we didn't have mineraft club on Thursdays.  At first, I didn't have a computer to play on so it took me about 30 min to get on and play.  I first went into the school's server and I met Bishnog and Liragrim there.

I also saw my old house I built last year.  My house was broken, probably exploded by some other player.  Then I got bored in the school's server so I went to the world LAN world. In there I met the other players in today's mine craft club. They were all fighting each other and enchanting their weapons and armour.  Soon I also got a diamond sword and armour. I also started fighting with the others.  I mostly died the most because I didn't enchant any of my weapons and armour. I killed Mishnog and also saw Lishnog, I fought her too.  Then Mishnog burned and exploded a village. At the end, I just fought around with the others.   


March 9, 2016


Today it took sooooo long to at least get to play minecraft, but when we finally got on everything went ok.  I first went into the school's server to play around.  It was kind of boring......  I just flew around in creative.  Then when Bishnog came into the server I played with her. We played tag and Bishnog was it, she never caught me.  Then we got soooo bored that even Bishnog wanted to make her own world and so she did.  We joined her and I found a tree, but I think I dug a little too much that I fell out of the world and I also pushed Fishnog into the hole and he fell out of the world.  Then I found Bishnog and I PVP with her. I killed her. I only got hurt because I was chasing her and I fell. Overall today was fun, funny and ok.


March 23,2016


Today is the last day for us in minecraft club.  I joined Fishnog's world, so did my friend Bishnog.  Today we played with the 1.9 version.  There was a new mob called the shulker.  I didn't really care about the new mob, I just went far away and built my house out of cobblestone and glass panes. Bishnog also built her house but instead of building it far away, she built it at the spawn.  After building my house I wanted a pet ocelot, so I spawned one and tried to tame it, but the ocelot didn't accept me as it's owner, so I gave up and went away.  Then I used the book and quill to send my friend Bishnog letters/messages.  It was very fun and funny. Overall the last day of minecraft club for us was pretty fun.  

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