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Page history last edited by Wersplat2016Feb 8 years, 4 months ago

   Tues Feb 2 2016

     Today on minecraft we started logging on and the game was pretty laggy.

Then I exited the game by accident and couldn't get on for a bit of time.

I managed to get on and started exploring and made a house but zombies snuck up on me a lot. 

 Tues Feb 9 2016

     Today on minecraft we decided to explore the guardian temple Misnog found last session. All we did was swim around in creative mode and killed some guardians and left. Again the server was really laggy and pvp zone was still not working  and everyone decided to go to the tnt world I went to survival. near the end we had a pvp fight I ended up beating kishnog but then got killed by ender balling to and died. No one won in the end and that was the end of the session. 


Tues. Feb. 16/16

Minecraft Club cancelled today.


Tues Feb 23 2016

     Today on mine craft club we decided to head back to mrconntaner's new pvp world. We had a free for all pvp match and I was the third person that died. From there I ran around the world killing mobs and fought a enderman but it fell into the water. Then Visnog decided to shoot off with a bow but he had an aim of a stormtrooper and ran. That was basically all we did.

See ya later!  

Thursday feb 25 2016

     Today on minecraft we had to go to another pvp server. We still started with a free for all fight and like usuall I died first. At that point I just fought mrcontaner for the majority of the time. Then he decided to pvp with effects and I died more. Later I got so much resistance I was INVINCIBLE and couldn't die. After that we just messed around killing each other.


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