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Page history last edited by Kishnog2016Jan 4 years, 12 months ago

Today was minecraft club and i did some things. First i came in and went straight to survival with Dishnog and we went mob hunting and we went mining. Dishnog found some iron and coal and he was nice enough to give me some of them. But then i went to other players like Persplat,Mersplat,and Fersplat. They were building houses together and i think Persplat was just doing his own thing and that's okay. I then went to PVP but then my friends told me that the PVP was broken and that was a shame. So after i just went with Dishnog and just went to survival the rest of the time. But wait,there was one more thing,I went to i think Mersplat house and took her pig that was named Sharon Jr,I use lead and pull Sharon Jr all the way up into the sky and droped it down and that was the last we heard and Sharon Jr literally. So I guess those were the things i did. SEE YOU GUYS NEXT TUESDAY FOR MORE AWESOME FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:]:]




Jan 12,2016

Today it was really fun. First me and fersplat,persplat and dishnog agreed to pvp so we went to find a area to pvp. But then a super cool guy came.......it was gumby! He is so cool and he was so nice me and him went on a adventure in survival and if you want to go got survival and you know nothing ask gumby he is legendary on survival and trust me i'm not kidding about his survival skills. After he let me ride on his horse it was so fun. But then after we have to leave him because me and fersplat found a really good place to pvp. Then gumby the super cool teacher left and i was sad:[.Then fersplat and I found a amazing place to pvp but then persplat and fishing backed out and it was me and fersplat left.Then we went to survival,craft all our stuff and after we found out that WE CAN'T ATTACK OTHER PLAYERS AAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!BUT THEN,I took a ride on a mine cart and i calm down.After me and fed went to TNT world and we got all the stuff we needed and right about we were going to pvp we had to go and i was so sad.SO SEE YOU GUYS ON NEXT MINECRAFT CLUB WHICH IS THURSDAY BBBBBBYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!




Jan 14,2016

Today was a lot of fun.So first me and Fersplat went to the TNT world and tried to fight but we couldn't so i just decided to go around and tp to other players and check what were they doing and then I went to Fishnog and he was doing stuff that i wasn't really interested about.So soon after i just went to the pvp and tried to fix it but i failed so bad. After i went to the mansion that belonged to mersplat & kersplat and their house was really really big and i was really impressed.After i went and saw there horse eggy and then i went to spawn a horse and i gave it a name and the name was meggy. Soon Meggy&Eggy had a baby but then i killed the baby and soon after i discovered that if you feed milk to adult animal they will turn back into a baby so i did that to eggy and muggy and they turn back into baby and then i turn all mersplat and kersplat adult animal and turn them into baby and they loved it.After the final chapter of my mine craft club today is that went to fishnog and he was at the end and after i spawn so many creepers and killed him and then i went back to mersplat house and they build a basement and that is big to and that was it for my mine craft club today.Also there is a lot more things another one is that in the beginning and i forgot to tell you that i was playing with gersplat and she is nice and i guess that is it for today so see you guys at next time mine craft club so bye guys.



Jan 19,2016

Today was a survival madness!So when i started out i went to see what were people doing so first i went to mersplat & kersplat house and i am still a maze by there house because they made it even bigger so then i went to survival for a while and it was amazing because first i went to dishnog and it was not that fun ill admit.BUT THEN,lishnog,dersplat, and dishnog came with me to survival so first me and lishnog started out exploring because i had an idea of exploring and travel the land and i travel far far away and found a huge wall and me and lishnog went up and it was a amazing view because we saw a whole new landscape so then me and lishnog decided to go down.BUT THEN,dishnog came and we then went down and soon after dishnog found a horse and tamed and after dersplat came,all four of us went down and went killing job and soon after i dug straight down and then the MOST FUNNIEST THING HAPPENED we all got stuck in a hole and thank god dishnog saved us and after we found a giant cave.Soon after we all went our separate ways. But then we came for renunion and we reunited and soon we went mining together and i found 64 iron ores(sweet).Then we finally went to a giant lava and water place and me and lishnog found stuff and i forgot to tell you guys this that all four of us found cave spider and i don't know why that the cave spider didn't give poison and that dishnog found a piece of diamond in a mine cart chest and then finally me and lishnog came together and we went mining and i dug straight tunnel and then we had to leave.So next week I'm going to continue survival madness with dish,der, and lish we are going to continue this on thursday and that we are going to have a new member we are going to recruite fersplat wwwwwhhhhoooo hhhhhoooooooo!!!!!!ok bye 



Jan 21,2016

Today was also survival madness because we went to survival but there was a problem because our school server wasn't working and it took us a lot of time to figure it out that it can't work so after i create a server and it was no cheater and i put it in survival soon after i went out and fersplat went out and she created a world and soon and couldn't play and went out and soon after i got on but i couldn't go in because there is a max and it was 8 and i couldn't get on then soon someone was so nice and went out and then i went in and join dishnog and then i tp to dishnog and he gave me a stone pickaxe and stone sword and after we went mining we has like two stack and iron and we found 18 gold ore and then it was amazing after because dishnog got the achievement {DIAMONDS} and i was so shocked. Once dishnog found diamond he went strip mining and then he went so far that i couldn't even see him and after persplat was sad because no one join his world and then dishnog was so nice and went to perplsat world and then pvp and meanwhile I'm here still mining and helping dersplat and soon after mersplat ask me to pvp and i agreed. So we build a arena and then we fought there first round i fought i won of course and then we decided to get a weapon and i got a STICK and i enchanted with fire aspect II and knockback II and mersplat had a diamond sword with the same enchantment and then we fought and then dishnog came and kill us and then it was outraged but in the end it was 3-2 and i won and i was so happy and then after we ended because we had to go and just as i was going to spawn a ender dragon fersplat went out and we went out so see you guys at next week chat but the sad news is here.Here is the sad news,next week is our last mine craft club NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!Also i did one more thing i also had to straight mine down and almost fell in lave.ok bye.



Jan 26,2016

Today is the last mine craft club and that is SO SAD but it was a lot of fun.First,when i got in i went to survival and just mined for a little and then Lishnog and dersplat came and we PARTY and then GUMPYBLOCKHEAD came and we play together.So first I went to gumpy and we did stuff but there was one thing i taught Gumpy and liragrim. The thing i taught gumpy was that when we were playing around and I spawned a animal and taught Gumpy that when you feed milk to adult animal they turn into a BABY.Gumpy was shocked and then he tried and then it didn't work and then i told him how to do it and he did it. The thing i taught to lira grim is that when you feed enchanted golden apple to baby horses they turn into a adult.So then me and Gumpy just show each other stuff and then his laptop batteries was about to died and he said bye and so i said bye and he left.After,me and kersplat decided to do a pig race and i had to build the whole arena and after dish came and help me build it and after me and mer,ker and fer went to race and i won the races and after i went to michelle watch tower and it was amaze and i explore it was huge.Ok guys bye for a long time hope you enjoyed my blogs SEE YOU GUYS NNNNNNNEEEEEXXXXTTTT YYYYYYEEEEEAAAAAARRRRRRR.ok bye

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