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jan 5 2016

     Today was minecraft club today we went gathering materials and we went mining and killed some animals for food. Then we find iron and coal, and we went strip mining.then we went to kill some mobs and they almost killed both of us.then we went looking for wood because most of the trees and we almost got killed by a witch.and Kishnog stole our friends pets :P then we went mining more and we found nothing. then it was  time to go so we wrote our wikis and went home.


     jan 12 2016

     Today was the second day of Minecraft and it was so tiring to set up all the computers and then Gumby came and he was so cool. Then I got my fire aspect 1 sword back and i killed 40 pigs and got a lot of food. Then we found a cave spider spawner and we tried to set up a farm for it but my Minecraft crashed so i couldn't play for a while.then we went to Gumby's place and it was so awesome because he's got a lot of animals and he's got a horse and he's got a wall to block mobs.Then we tried to PVP but we couldn't PVP because time was up so we had to do our wiki.


     Jan 14 2016

     Today I tamed horses and I went mining and I found Emeralds but no diamonds. Then I tamed two white horses and they were good horses. Then I went mining again and I found gold, iron, and coal. Then we found out that if we give milk to horses then they turn to a baby or a big horse and it was fun to make horses grow or shrink.Then I went to Kersplat's house and it was full of animal it was like a animal party.then we went to tame more horses and it was fun.Then i went to mine again but i found no diamonds ;( sad face.    


     Jan 19 2016

     Today we played minecraft again and we killed a lot of mobs and we got a ender pearl and then we went to explore and we found horses and we tamed them. then we found a huge cave and there was Dersplat,Kishnog,Lishnog with me and we went into the cave and we found two cave spawners and a skeleton spawner.Then I found a diamond and a lot of iron and gold. then we killed a lot of mobs and we got exp and i enchanted tools Then we threw out the trash so we have more inventory space. then i rode my horse and then I couldn't find my friends so i had to leave my horse back there and tp to my friends. then we went back to mining and it was very fun:) ( P.S we were stuck in a two block hole and I saved every one!!!!!)  

     jan 21 2016

     Today we played minecraft again and this time the school server didn't work so we played on our own world. This time i found a mineshaft and we explored it kishnog and I found a lot of iron and gold and I found 3 diamonds.Then i went to Persplats world because he was lonely and i fought him and it was fun then i went back to Fersplats world and i went mining and .Then I fought kishnog and mersplat and it was really fun. Then I killed a lot of cows and cooked their meat then Mersplat made a enchanted sword and tried to killed I but I killed her first .then I went to fight kishnog and I killed him and he killed me It was fun.:) 

     Jan 26 2016     

     Today is the last day of mine craft club and first I went mining and found 8 diamonds and I tried to get a better sword but it cost too much exp.Then I went to Kishnog and We played for a while.Then I went to fight Persplat and Fishnog .Then we tried to fight again but it was time to go.   

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