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Page history last edited by Fersplat2016Jan 8 years, 6 months ago

January 5, 2016


Today on Minecraft I began to build a house, out of birch. I built my on a mountain very close to the clouds. I also spawned a bunch of horses, until I got a horse that I like. I also went to the end,and the nether, but exited quickly. In the end I explored, and tried to find an ender dragon, and get a bunch of ender pearls. Then I went to the nether and killed a bunch of zombie pigs. Then I collected a bunch of nether blocks, to add decor to my house.


January 12, 2016


Today on Minecraft I hung out with Gumby. Then me and Kish tried to PVP and then it failed really badly so we lost everything we crafted and collected, so we had to go to the TNT world to PVP, we had to craft a lot of things again, we also found a really crater to fight, so we sort of created the boundaries and began to put down chests, crafting tables, and other things. Then we tried to re-create our horses that we had to slay when we left our old PVP grounds. So our crater is ready to fight, and we will fill you in on our fight next week. 


P.S. Root for Fersplat


January 14, 2016


OK I didn't get to fight Kish because the world wasn't working so we went different ways. I spawned a wither, but it killed my in game rabbit, so I went back to the Community and found a mountain to build a new house, but underground. I spawned a new rabbit, and I liked this one a lot better because it was a pale yellow, and named it Butterscotch. I also spawned a wolf which I named Fang. My house is made completely of birch, the cages, the floor, everything. Then I placed everything I needed such as diamond armour, swords, pickaxes, and food. Fang and Butterscotch don't get along very well so I had to make separate cages for them.


P.S. Come next week for stories about Butterscotch and Fang.'


January 19, 2016


I had to kill Fang, and Butterscotch. I had to kill them because I was extending my house and they were getting in the way so I had to kill them. BUT my house is amazing now. It's got a crafting room, a bedroom and a pet room. Kish and Dish decided to pay me a visit and Kish installed some safer features that with great regret I had o destroy it because I moved the entrance/exit to my bedroom. Now my entrance is framed with diamond blocks.  Then without me knowing Kish decided to make a beacon so that I could find my house when I left it. Next week I'm going to spawn my bunny and my wolf then I'm join the survival madness and mayhem. Find more in Kishnog2016Jan.

P.S. I did kill the original Butterscotch, and Fang.

P.P.S This is me about Butterscotch, and Fang ------>  :(



January 21, 2016


Today the server didn't work so Kish created a world, then he exited, so I created a word and there we were playing. At first everything was fine but after a while we figured out that the limit was 8 people could play,we had to create another world so other people could play. So I was playing and I decided to blow something up, so I found a crater and I put a bunch of TNT and lit it.it took a long time to light but in the end it made the most satisfying boom. It was awesome. Then I went to build a quick house, and then I went to watch Mer and Kish fist fight and Mer won 2 times, and Kish won 3 times. Then I went to kill a bunch of rabbits. Sorry Rabbits!




January 26, 2016


Today it was fun, because I decided to abandon my house and go au naturel and went survival. Then I told Lira that I'd killed a bunch of rabbits so she got a little hysterical. Well that is all I really did. Oh Lish made the BEST watch tower EVER!!!! I liked mincraft a lot because the things that I discovered were amazing! The things that I didn't like are the PVP arena was down for the entire month! Not nice Lira!!! I hope everyone likes minecraft.







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